Moonshadow Ventures has discovered a client base that is not served by designers or builders – entrepreneurs who do business out of their house. We have studied and focused on this group for years and now we offer a product developed for them.

We will reveal a forest world sought out particularly for our clients. Our ability to translate force into design and appropriate site configuration allows clients to actuate their vision; an Endurance Project will catapult dwellers into a special medley of social and economic engagements.

There are hundreds of ways to generate gold with Moondance – it depends on the imagineering capacity of the new owners. As the project progresses our scope will include assisting the new owners by recognizing the inherent possibilities, plugging into the community wavelengths and forming up our access to local and distant markets.

Operating the venue, sole proprietors will use inherent and acquired skills to synthesize micro-commercial forest based enterprises that will be legacies passed on to future generations. The key to success will be the venues themselves:  Endurance Dwellings.

When operational, Moondance will be a hive of activity. There is unlimited potential for almost any foray for the artistic and cerebral intellects. This forest-based enterprise provides an active, connected and enduring method of maintaining our superb wildness, allowing it to age without interference. These forests are interactive and navigable by day or night.